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The following files are meant for Texture users who no longer have access to their original software or hardware and are trying to recover music created with Texture.

Magnetic Music does not have support staff, so please keep in mind that while we wish you success in using the software below to recover or translate your music, you are on your own.

Texture v4.25

If all you need to do is convert your Texture PTN or SNG files to Standard MIDI, don't hassle with this, download the TXNOMPU program below. This program has not been updated since 1991. It will only work on older DOS or Windows computers that are outfitted with a true Roland MPU-401, Music Quest MQX16 or MQX32, or equivalent MIDI interface. (Actually, there is also a Yamaha C1 version included in this download.) It will not work with the much more widely produced MPU-401 Compatible interfaces from various manufacturers such as Creative Labs. Even if you have a truly compatible interface, it will only work if you've properly configured the base address and IRQ setting for the MIDI card. Please consult the original Texture 4.25 manual (below) for details on this and other important issues such as how to run the setup program.  444 KB
This zip file contains the original Texture v4.25 installation files. The manual can be downloaded separately below...

TXNOMPU - For Converting Texture Files to MIDI Files

This is the Texture v4.25 program, but with playback and recording features disabled, allowing it to be run on modern Windows computers with no MPU-401 hardware present. Avoid issuing any transport commands such as 'P' or 'R' as sometimes these may cause the program to hang. You can load your old Texture files (from any version of Texture) into this application and save them as Standard MIDI Files (please see the manual below). keep in mind that this is still the old DOS program and only supports short file names of the old 8.3 format. Many former Texture users have used this program to resurrect their old files.  103 KB

Texture 4 Manual

This is the original Texture 4 manual translated (as best we could) to PDF format. The handful of screen shots from the original didn't survive the translation and the bullets show up as underscores, but it is readable and searchable. If you are using TXNOMPU, you're probably looking for the section on Standard MIDI Files -- see page 7:12 in chapter 7.  980 KB